5 Easy Zero Waste Swaps

5 Easy Zero Waste Swaps

It’s the last day of #plasticfreejuly! Continue the progress you’re making as everyone is on a different journey. ? Here’s a few easy #zerowaste swaps you can make to help you and our planet ?❤️ These are some things we’ve done ourselves to reduce waste.

Thanks to my friend Nana for making these cute drawings.

Here are 5 easy swaps you can make:

  1. Single-use plastic bottles –> Reusable water bottle: you can easily refill on the go at cafes or at the gym
  2. Paper towels –> Cloth rags: Use up all your paper towels first and put them straight into the food compost. After you can cut up old t-shirts and use old socks to wipe down surfaces/dust.
  3. Disposable coffee cups –> Reusable travel mugBring your own reusable mug/tumbler to get your daily coffee/tea as most coffee cups are actually lined with plastic.
  4. Takeout/takeaway –> Bring your own container/cutlery or Eat In: Go to the restaurant and ask if you can get food to go in your own container. Otherwise, try your best to refuse plastic cutlery and bring your own. Or if you have the time, just eat in the restaurant!
  5. Plastic sponge –> Wooden brushSwap the plastic sponge for a wooden brush to wash your dishes. It lasts a lot longer and it’s better for our environment! You can compost the wooden brush at the end of its life.

Which zero waste swap will you make?