My Eco-friendly Resolution

My Eco-friendly Resolution

This year I want to live a simpler life with less things and clutter, create less impact on the planet and to be kinder to myself.

I want to be a better version of myself by being mindful of my wellbeing and the actions and impact I have on this planet. I want to make sure that while I am on this more eco-friendly/zero waste transitional journey, I am not striving for perfection but to be forgiving to myself and others. We can only try out best, so don’t be so hard on yourself!

Inspired by Leah Payne’s blogpost on her eco-friendly resolutions, I wanted to start this blog with the actions I’d like to take to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and share my learnings and experiences. Over the years, I have learnt to be okay with having less, getting over my hoarding tendencies and reducing my waste. There’s a lot of things I can work on to become more zero waste, but I know that I already feel so much better living more simply, throwing away less and owning less.

There’s a lot of issues with the garbage we create (it doesn’t really decompose) and even recycling has issues because not everything can be recycled, and the plastics we consume outlive many generations of humans. As Leah says:

“It’s so easy to convince ourselves that garbage just magically goes away, but it’s not true. We all know this, but we can be good at tricking ourselves. It takes a bit of a wakeup call for us to truly see our trash.”

My resolution

This is a journey and it takes time to learn and grow from our experiences in reducing our waste and impact on the planet. I feel like I am doing better than before, but there’s still so much to learn!

Things I was already doing (before 2019)

  1. Living in small studio flat
  2. Choosing to eat more local or organic food when possible
  3. Using a bamboo toothbrush
  4. Bringing own produce and grocery bags
  5. Eating less meat (Having veggie day at least once a week)
  6. Doing Veggie January
  7. Making toothpaste and laundry soap
  8. Bringing own metal straw
  9. Cycling or taking public transport (no car)
  10. Buying secondhand
  11. No longer buying boxes of tissue
  12. Cooking more and eating out less
  13. Choosing and giving experience-based gifts
  14. Bringing my own reusable water bottle
  15. Using a reusable sandwich bag and reducing aluminum foil use
  16. Using a beeswrap wax to cover bowls (or just use a plate) or snacks
  17. Using a menstrual cup
  18. Drinking loose leaf tea
  19. Making my own cleaning products (laundry and cleaning spray)
  20. Using shampoo and soap bars

Changes I’ve made so far in 2019

  1. Refusing to buy fast fashion
  2. Clothes swapping with friends
  3. Bringing containers for takeaways or else choosing to dine in instead
  4. Choosing glass, paper and cans (plastic-free) where possible
  5. Getting clothes repaired
  6. Buying recycled toilet paper

My 2019 goals

  1. Giving up beef
  2. Having Veggie Days twice a week
  3. Doing a beach clean up
  4. Working towards a more Mediterranean diet
  5. Living with less
  6. Being more mindful of where things go when I declutter
  7. Reading labels and refusing to buy products with palm oil
  8. Saying ‘no’ to receipts
  9. Using up all beauty products I already own and buy only natural ones moving forward with no plastic packing
  10. Using up all pens and notebooks before buying new
  11. Making vegetable broth with veggie scraps
  12. Sharing easy zero waste recipes and tips to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle

My longer-term goals

  1. Having fewer and better quality clothes
  2. Using handkerchiefs instead of tissue paper
  3. Buying clothes with natural fibres to prevent microfibre plastic pollution
  4. Finding an alternative way of dying my hair/covering gray hairs
  5. Learning how to compost
  6. Moving away from nonstick pans and plastic cooking utensils

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly– we need a million people doing it imperfectly.”

What will you do? Will you join me in this journey and make little changes in your life?